Saturday, December 11, 2010


We started an artist inspired series of tshirts inspired by the lyrical juggernauts of hip hop and the most infleuntial artists. Stocks and Bonds Apparel decided to go with Biigie first because his lyrics, impact and the theme that  he was livng his dreams through his music and balancing the concept of life and death  all at the same time. Dreams can come through if you work hard and long enough. The tshirts are screenprinted and are very limited.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010


We caught up with one of our major supporters, DC Rapper DOE CIGAPOM, to discuss his music influence, upcoming projects and why he is fan of our brand.

SB: What are your musical influences?
DC: My musical influences have no boundaries. I love all types of music.I am strongly influenced by my hometown music, which is go-go, but I am inspired by artists such as Biggie, Big L, Kool G Rap, Big Pun, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Delfonics and Jamiroquai. (etc.) I even listen to 50's bop and swing music. I just love music.
2.SB: How long have you been rapping and how did you get started?
DC: I have been rapping since 2003, and I started rapping because of the poetry I wanted to write. Poetry is something like rapping, its just no beats involve sometimes. But I tried rapping after a friend of mine heard some of the poetry I was reading, to tracks he had in the studio. He loved what I had to say, and from then on I kept going on, loving the fact that word play is encompassed in rapping over beats.

3.SB:You tell a lot of stories in your music which is a rarity these days,What makes you stand out as an artist and what drives your music?
DC: I'm a big dude. (hahahahah!) And in D.C. aren't too many (big) rappers that's out there in this area representing with an unorthodox flow such as mine. The only person I know that is out there in D.C., that is also representing this city for the big dudes, with a mean flow is Gordo Brega.! (Mind, you almost every big dude that I know of in hip hop always spit tight like my inspiration Biggie) But what drives my music is me and my life. Things that I went through, seen, experience, failed, overcame, and most importantly LEARNED! Plus it's time for hip hop to look at our culture of D.C. and the D.M.V. Hip Hop has been in almost every major city and state but D.C., and we are comin!!!

4. SB:Thanks for supporting Stocks and Bonds, what is it about the brand that made you a supporter?
DC: Stocks and Bonds is a dope name plus the fabric art painting is sick and unique. When I was in high school I used to have a spot in the mall, and I once made a living off of making clothes. I still make clothes, and I have a passion for clothing. That is how I look at Stocks and Bonds; they too have a passion for clothes.

5.SB: How do you think Stocks and Bonds compare to other brands in the market right?
DC: THEY DON'T! Their style is unique; there is no comparison. Now we just need the world to see the same.
6.SB: What’s next for DOE CIGAPOM?
DC: I am working on a couple of different projects right now that I am trying to put out this year But the next the next projects you will hear from me will be with my producer A.Sesay and my other homie Jab The Future (producer). So just stay tuned to hear something new from me again around March!!!!

Download the EP-CULTURE SHOCK 2012 A.D. HERE