Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We caught up with Rapper Extraordinare - Verbiage, to discuss his first official project, why he jumped on Hova tracks and why the project seems so personal.

How would you best describe the artist Verbiage?
 I would say that my name is the best way to describe myself; a play on words, and how I put them together to tell the stories I choose to share with the public.
What is the name  of your debut project and how did  the project come about? The name of the project is My Life in Syntax: The Jay-Z Instrumentals. It actually came about after some troubleshooting. I wanted to use my own beats originally since I also produce, but I figured it would be more important to showcase that I could actually rap, and instrumentals were my choice of canvas.
Why did you choose JayZ instrumentals? I chose Jay-Z instrumentals because they are some of the most well balanced musical compositions to ever grace the ears of the listeners of hip-hop. They are legendary, and everyone can recognize them. I chose my personal favorites from some of the individuals who I also look up to as producers (Kanye West, Just Blaze, Dr. Dre). Jay-Z instrumentals are also not normally the subjects of mixtape material, so I figured I'd get some more attention from people who chose to take notice.
The songs seem so personal, was that the intial goal of the project? It was. I wanted people to get some insight into who I was through my songs; each one representing a different side of me. I'm normally a quiet person on most occasions, but when it comes to getting ideas and concepts across, I can be pretty vocal.
Whats next for Verbiage? I've got a lot of songs that I've recorded, and now its just a matter of re-recording and trying to organize what I have now. I have enough songs to put out two more projects, but I really just want to push this one since its the one I slated to be the one I officially release first.
Download-My Life in Syntax The Jay-Z Instrumentals


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